Why Do So Many Americans Wear This Budget Smartwatch? And Is It Even Any Good...?

21th January 2020 | by Mike Paul

New Smartwatch is gaining popularity in the US, selling by the thousands. If you want a smartwatch but don't want to spend $600-1000, then you should seriously consider this high-quality, budget model... 

Have you noticed how everyone owns a smartwatch nowadays? These wrist gadgets give you hundreds of benefits. They motivate you to exercise, lose weight and improve your health. Wearers claim they exercise far more regularly and are enjoying the weight loss results and heart health increase!

Then there's the sleep monitoring function. Without enough decent sleep, you will quickly become sick, depressed and overweight. A smartwatch tells you exactly how much sleep you need in order to stay healthy, happy and motivated! 

So, they are amazingly useful and of course, look cool. But, the ridiculous $600-1000 price tags were just too much for most of us right...?

Now, finally, for the first time in US, there's a new brand available. It costs three times LESS than it's big brand competition. It's premium build-quality, only available online and even the biggest tech geeks are converting to it. 

It's selling like crazy in US right now.

We investigate why...

What Is It?

Its called eWatch. 

eWatch is made by an innovative tech/fitness company out of Europe. They had one clear goal: make a premium smart/fitness watch, that is easy-to-use and affordable to everyone! 

It’s made in the same high-standard Chinese factories as lots of other famous brands. The build quality is superb, it really looks and feels just like the premium smartwatches from the big tech companies.

They made it tough too. The specially hardened aluminum shell and tempered touchscreen glass mean bangs and bumps won't break it. It's splash-proof too! 

Something we found super cool was the special lazer on the inside. It's able to measure your pulse/heart-rate in real-time.

This is an amazing function for exercising as it will push you to work out harder when you need to or easier for longer - burning more calories than without a heart rate monitoring!

It's also great for seeing when you are fully rested and recovered and ready to exercise again! 

Finally, and most importantly eWatch's 'EKG' feature is able to detect and warn you of any abnormal heart rhythms you might be experiencing. Most of the time you wouldn't even know you had a heart condition until you are tested, and catching it early, could save your life...

The ergonomic strap design is so comfortable, you'll never need to take it off. It's super slim profile won't interfere with your workouts or day-to-day life either.

The eWatch is packed with high-end parts, technology, and software. A lot of it identical to the big brand's most expensive models! You can feel the premium cutting-edge technology when you use it. The eWatch feels super fast and looks silky smooth! 

What do you get?

A lot!

The eWatch is packed with lots of useful functions and abilities:

State-of-the-art Fitness tracking

✅EKG heart rate monitor 

Step counter

✅ Long-life battery (up to many days!)

✅ High-quality, easy-to-read display

✅ Tell you when to sit less and move more

✅ Water-resistant, dustproof

✅ Take calls and see your notifications on screen

✅ Connects to both iPhones and Androids

✅ Play your music on it

✅ Helps you find your lost smartphone

and much, much more!

The eWatch is essentially a premium smartwatch AND a specialist fitness tracker in one device! 

Will eWatch Improve Your Health and Reduce Your Stress?

Wearing an eWatch feels like having a personal trainer and assistant on your wrist.

By scheduling your workouts and being reminded, you are 18x more motivated to stick to exercising! 

Having your sleep monitored equals better sleep. You are more likely to get to bed on time, wake up feeling fresh. This improves your mental health, reduces your stress and decreases chances of weight gain.

You can unclutter your brain and focus your energy on the things you love instead. 

Having all your notifications, appointments and reminders at a glance and in your eye line, means you won't forget. Your head feels uncluttered. You can focus your energy your work and on the things and people you love instead. 

One thing is for certain, once you try eWatch, you'll never want to go back to life without it! 

eWatch is a Great Aid for Seniors and the Vulnerable

Did you know doctors recommend wearing smartwatches for heart monitoring functions? 

The eWatch has an Emergency SOS app for vulnerable people to get help instantly. It has reminders for medication, EKG heart rate monitoring, GPS location, fall detection, and mobile call access. Because eWatch is always on your wrist, you won't forget it. 

What Did Our Editorial Team Think?

"Fantastic build quality. An excellent smartwatch for those on a budget. Certainly worth more than its price in this current market. Americans will not regret ditching a big brand name in favor of this." - Don

"I love that it has a good battery life. I’m sick of running around looking for charging points by lunchtime with my power-hungry smartphone… I highly rate the eWatch and was seriously impressed with its functions VS price. What a crazy bargain at under $100" - Chris

"Very comfortable, good battery, nice looking also! I go running on the trails and to the gym every day. My eWatch got a few heavy knocks during my test week - I was amazed there was not a scratch on it. I was stunned by the discount price." - Gary 

How Much Does eWatch 

The most incredible thing about the eWatch has to be the price. 

You would expect a watch this good to be anywhere between $300-1000+.

The eWatch is normally selling for $159, but for a limited time, you can take advantage of the 50% promotion and get your eWatch for just $79! That also included FREE shipping, which is always nice!

The price seems even more amazing when you consider VERY similar Apple and Samsungs models cost 5-10X more...

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How Can It Be So Affordable?

Did you know big brands spend BILLIONS on advertising, physical stores and boss bonuses? Can you guess who's paying for that? Yep, us the customers...

eWatch spends nothing on any of this. They only sell online, don't advertise on TV and don't have greedy owners who demand ridiculous bonuses. (What a breathe of fresh air right!)

They prefer to let their devices and positive reviews do the talking for them!

Click here to see the eWatch official site »

Conclusion: Should You Buy It?



Overall Rating

Build Quality
Value For Money

In short, YES! 

If you have never owned a smartwatch - the eWatch is the perfect first time model. You'll quickly see why thousands of Americans have ordered theirs already!

Using an eWatch you are sure to shrink your waistline and improve your heart health too!

To be honest eWatch 'feels' just like an expensive $1,000 Watch. Its packed full of all the best apps too. 

The icing on the cake is the price. Apple and Samsung just can't match it. If it's still on promotion for under $100 - definitely, pick one up before they go. You won't find a better Watch for a better price.

Great smartwatch, amazing price!  

Where Can I Buy an eWatch? 

That’s super easy. 

1- Order eWatch from the official eWatch online shop here.

2- Enjoy most of the Features from the most expensive watches for a fraction of the price!

NOTE: To keep prices as low as possible, eWatch is not sold on Amazon or in stores.

BEST PRICE WE FOUND: Was $159, Now $79 - at the official shop (click red link below)
(with 50% off and with free shipping for a limited time!)

TIP: eWatch is selling like hotcakes across the US right now. We recommend placing your order fast before the discount ends. 

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