Could These Wireless Earphones Be Better Than The Apple Originals? And At A Fraction Of The Price?

8 Oct, 2019 | Jamie Redknapp

SUMMARY:  High-quality sound, stylish, comfortable, long battery life, and no more wires! Popular EchoBeat headphones now on sale in US. 

Headphone cables are dead. They are uncool, annoying and ugly. 

Bulky, "over/on-ear" headphones are so big, you need a backpack to carry them! They are too heavy to exercise with, and also make your ears sweaty. You can't even wear a hat and use them!

Then there are traditional earphones. How frustrating is it wasting your time untangling wires every. single. time? ARGH! I hate that, it drives me crazy! 

That's why you probably noticed everyone is wearing wireless earbuds in Virginia lately? They're incredibly popular and fashionable right now. Why? because they're comfortable, cool and the ultimate convenience.

Imagine owning headphones that never needed untangling? No cables to get caught on EVERYTHING and painfully tugging your ears? The big problem is that wireless headphones have been either stupidly expensive (Apple EarPods $199) or had a very short battery life…

Now there's a new brand in the market. It promises quality wireless headphones, at an affordable price!

What Are They Called?

They are called EchoBeat. 

EchoBeat designed a truly beautiful set of quality wireless headphones, without a ridiculous price tag. 

"Going wireless is a complete gamechanger. You'll never go back to wired headphones again. It's the same reasons we no longer use telephones with cables - they suck!"

People who exercise love them the most. You can have your hands completely free to lift weights, ride a bike, run without cables flapping around!  

How Do I Charge Them When I'm Out?

This is the most genius part of EchoBeat. 

The carrying box you keep the earphones in has a built-in battery that charges them! With the pocket-friendly charging case, you’ll get up to 5 hours of talk time, 3 hours of music, and over 100 hours of standby time, extra!

What about sound quality? 

In a word - wonderful for the price! 

The EchoBeat, of course, isn't quite as crisp and bassy as a top $300 pair of earphones, but they aren't far off. Only costing $69, you certainly can't complain about the sound quality! 

Equipt with the latest noise cancellation technology, EchoBeat are perfect for losing yourself in music or podcast. Within seconds of popping in you notice how clear and "real" the music is. When you close your eyes, it's like you are at the show.

 Worth the price, totally immersive, like an IMAX cinema or live show! 

What Do Professionals Say About EchoBeat?

“I pop in my EchoBeat to listen to music on the way to work. At work, I keep one in to answer calls. The noise-canceling means I can hear clients much better through an EchoBeat than my phone. After work, I put both in for the gym or a run after work. The sound quality helps me focus and pushes me hard. They are a big part of my life and extremely comfortable.”  - Anon, Business Entrepreneur 

What Are The Main Pros & Cons?

 No more tangled wires!
✅ Amazing sound quality
 Good battery life
 Carry case has a built-in battery to charge
 Very fashionable in US 
 Comfortable enough for all-day use
 Able to listen to music and take calls
 Noise cancellation technology
✅ Currently On Discount
❌ Not sold in shops, Amazon or eBay 

Where Can I Order EchoBeat™ for Myself?

UPDATE: You can buy EchoBeat for a discount right now! They are running an insane online promotion in US to raise brand awareness! You can get crazy deals like 40-50% off and coupons with another $/€10 off. Click the 'CHECK AVAILABILITY' button to get discounts.

If you’re interested, you can find their latest sale by clicking here or the link below. 


NOTE: EchoBeat is not available on Amazon or eBay.